emotional turmoil

We all come or rather experience a moment in life when we feel a certain emotional turmoil. The attendant events are genuinely causative factors to both attitudinal lows and highs.                                            I have in mind […]

efficient rapport building

How does one develop an environment that favors the achievement of identified common objectives. Certainly such an environment ensures better group satisfaction and group productivity.   Without pretence some important characteristic of a mature supportive human relations include proactive listening skills, unfaltering flatter, courtesy and skillful tact both in acceptance of faults and rejection of […]


This blog provides sufficient incite into affiliate marketing under very dependable leadership.                                                   As kids we warned against running away with another kids ball when you pick it up…Am encouraged to […]

fortunate breaks

One does not experience fortunate breaks at the snap of a finger but is wont to put in sufficient effort to make things happen for yourself. This is amazingly in agreement with the quote “fleeting success is often the most priding but fatally misleading”.                       […]