emotional turmoil

We all come or rather experience a moment in life when we feel a certain emotional turmoil. The attendant events are genuinely causative factors to both attitudinal lows and highs.                                            I have in mind the main problem with such physical discordance between expressing oneself and mature reservation. There’s is the proverbial psychological torture due to inherent proactiveness and the reverse psychology inclined towards opportunism.                                                 However there’s practical approach to mitigate the aforementioned emotional turmoil. Imagine and cultivate unfaltering emotional maturity which is not restricted to advancement of a common agenda. Another school of thought espouses leaving the stress inducing environment cautiously.         Anyway since am not inclined to long prose composition at the moment. I wish to conclude that no matter what physical pain or mental anguish ; one can rightly maintain inherent God’s grace.           http://www.socialbizconnect.com/invite/char2244n